The Law Offices of Jorin G. Rubin, P.C.

…provides a personalized approach in client representation. The practice concentrates primarily in family law and criminal defense.


Attorney Jorin Rubin aggressively champions the rights of her clients. As a federal prosecutor for 10 years prior to going into private practice, she forcefully pursued justice on behalf of the people of the United States. Jorin specialized in finding assets that criminals had hidden, secreted, or held in the name of a third party. Her skill and initiative resulted in the forfeiture of millions of illegally-gained dollars in cash, jewelry, cars and boats to the United States Government. Today, Jorin represents her clients, whether in family court or criminal court, with the same intense dedication and determination.


Jorin Rubin is a highly-skilled, strongly-assertive legal representative and more.She also brings a unique level of compassion to every attorney-client relationship. As a mother of two children and the wife of a psychiatrist, she understands and is concerned about the significant impact that major family changes have on children. Jorin always considers the best interests of families. She is a compassionate advocate for her clients in all matters of family law litigation, including custody disputes, parenting-time issues and divorce cases.

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